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Great 'shags' of our time

June 3rd 2014 04:37
We both loved and loathed.

They inspired stylists and wig makers alike – but just who should lay claim to having the most famous TV trusses of all time

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The Beatles Animated Series

April 8th 2014 06:20
the Beatles. Fab four, pop culture
As a kid, I had alot of early television memories. Fury, Ruff n Ready, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillies and My Three Sons among them.

Perhaps it was the cheap babysitting ideal the timber veneer His Masters Voice set represented - who knows - but as a three year old plainly televsion resonated

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Pretty In Pink

April 4th 2014 04:48
Pretty In pink, Ringwald, Movies, Famous, Hits, 80s, popculture
It’s been the 80s all over again at my place the past couple of weeks, with a never ending series of re-runs featuring ‘classic’ big hair, shoulder pads and dance moves.

The latest instalment was a screening last night of the quintessential high school saga – Pretty in Pink

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Confession time – I remember only two things from my senior year formal – arriving and leaving.

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The 70s Compilation Album

March 25th 2014 19:56
Ripper, Hits, 70s, compilation
Most of us who grew up in Australia in the 70's would remember the K-Tel compilation albums that came out every couple of months or so.

Naturally they contained a smattering of hits to entice you to part with your $6.99 and just as many B-sides from artists who probably had better things to do on the day

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Dead or Alive?

March 24th 2014 18:44
TV, sitcoms, Dead, Alive, Famous, Stars, Hollywood, TV
Tina Louise from Gilligans Island
Remember those TV sitcom stars that will be forever young on celluloid?

Ever wonder who is still around to share the memories

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Those Were The Days My Friend . . .

March 23rd 2014 23:12
Disco, Hits, Worst, Best Of, Pop Music, Rock, Rolling Stones
It was the era of Donna Summer, ELO, Racey and KISS.

When names such as Patrick Hernandez, Cheap Trick, Blondie and Ami Stewart ruled, and The Cars, Leif Garrett, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Village People, the Bee Gees and 10CC were commonalities

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16 Again . . .

March 20th 2014 20:32
Couples, teens, love, romance, SMS
When you’re young, the whole ‘girlfriend’/’boyfriend’ thing is a little like prescription medicines, they come with an expiry date.

With kids of my own now - and all older than when I had my first pseudo serious girlfriend at school – I realise just how innocent we must have looked in spite of how mature and caught up in the moment we actually felt

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The 10 Worst Songs of the 70s

March 19th 2014 20:04
Disco, Hits, Worst, Best Of, Pop Music, Rock, Rolling Stones
Best and Worst Of lists are of course sufficiently good reason to start conversation around the barbecue or office tea room - so when Rolling Stone readers recently selected the Ten Worst Songs of the ’70s I couldn't help but cringe . . . just a little.

Admittedly, some are just culturally horrendous, but if you grew up on AM radio as a kid, you will probably find some of your childhood favourites made the list

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Number Two's?

March 18th 2014 22:03
Hits, Songs, Pop Culture, Music, Favorites
Number two’s . . .

No - not that that kind of number two! I’m talking those songs which came so perilously close to cracking 70’s charts both in Australia and overseas but never quite reached that glorious and rarefied summit

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