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One Hit Wonders of the 70s

September 15th 2014 23:14
70s Pop
She performed under the name of Judie Tzuke, was born in London to an English mother and a father of Polish extract - but more importantly is one of the more obscure ‘One Hit Wonders’ to have breezed through the charts in the late 70s.

Judie Myers was educated in the visual and performing arts, and was a regular on the folk club circuit from the age of 15

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Things I've Learnt From The Muppets

September 15th 2014 05:29
The Muppets have long claimed a special place in the hearts of not only kids – but kids at heart.

While they may have started out as bit players looking to impart basic ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s to youngsters – somewhere along the way they proved they were more than just entertainers – but pretty damned good life teachers as well

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The 70s

September 12th 2014 03:19
Google, 70s, Gen X, Toys
I had reason to squirm the other day, when I found myself in that place between uncomfortable reality and nostalgic recall.

If I'd ever had reason to doubt Stephen Hawking and his theories on time and space warping - it was dispelled in the blink of an eye

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Lay Back and Think of England . . .

August 31st 2014 23:23
Soft Rock, 70s, America, Pop Culture
One, was the younger brother of soft rock duo Seals and and Crofts – the other intentionally misspelled his name for ease of pronounciation.

England Dan and John Ford Coley will hardly go down as household names in the world of soft rock – yet surprisingly still managed four No.1’s on the US charts over the space of just two years

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10 Reasons To Love ELO

August 3rd 2014 10:22
ELO, Band, Music, Free Downloads
When Jeff Lynne joined the band the Move in 1970, it was with the condition that the group blend their basic rock moves with classical music.

To the 'great contemporary unwashed' of the time, the concept was as novel as it was outrageous yet after recording just two more albums with the group, both Lynne and Move front man Ron Wood took the leap of faith and formed The Electric Light Orchestra

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Great 'shags' of our time

June 3rd 2014 04:37
We both loved and loathed.

They inspired stylists and wig makers alike – but just who should lay claim to having the most famous TV trusses of all time

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The Beatles Animated Series

April 8th 2014 06:20
the Beatles. Fab four, pop culture
As a kid, I had alot of early television memories. Fury, Ruff n Ready, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillies and My Three Sons among them.

Perhaps it was the cheap babysitting ideal the timber veneer His Masters Voice set represented - who knows - but as a three year old plainly televsion resonated

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Pretty In Pink

April 4th 2014 04:48
Pretty In pink, Ringwald, Movies, Famous, Hits, 80s, popculture
It’s been the 80s all over again at my place the past couple of weeks, with a never ending series of re-runs featuring ‘classic’ big hair, shoulder pads and dance moves.

The latest instalment was a screening last night of the quintessential high school saga – Pretty in Pink

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Confession time – I remember only two things from my senior year formal – arriving and leaving.

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The 70s Compilation Album

March 25th 2014 19:56
Ripper, Hits, 70s, compilation
Most of us who grew up in Australia in the 70's would remember the K-Tel compilation albums that came out every couple of months or so.

Naturally they contained a smattering of hits to entice you to part with your $6.99 and just as many B-sides from artists who probably had better things to do on the day

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